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What has Phi Sigma Sigma been up to lately?

Fall 2005 Newsletter


What’s been going on in our Sorority…

An Alumnae Update

      This year is bound to be an awesome year for the Phi Sigs.  We’re already off to a great start and we’re only mid-way through first semester!  Last month we participated in a Greek sponsored carwash to raise money for the victims of Hurricane Katrina.  After being outside for several hours and washing numerous vehicles, including a Lowes semi-truck, we raised over $1200.  The amount raised from the carwash was matched by the college and was combined with the money raised for Katrina by other students on campus.  So to sum it all up, the carwash was a huge success and we were honored to participate!

     We are still very involved in philanthropic activities.  We still volunteer at a local food kitchen, and have already participated in activities such as making cards for residents of nursing homes, making door hangers for the children in the Westminster Hospital, making diabetes friendly snack bags also for patients in the hospital, and this past weekend we decorated pumpkins and made lollipop ghosts for Carroll Lutheran Village, a retirement community.  We also filled shoeboxes with goodies, such as razors, magazines, flashlights, batteries, and more non-perishable items, and mailed them off to the soldiers in Iraq.  We mailed off 23 shoeboxes for soldiers.  

     We are also still actively involved with the National Kidney Foundation.  Our first Rock-A-Thon was held on October 1 and raised about $180.  For the past two weeks, we have been participating in a Haunted House at Lineboro where 5-6 sisters go and dress up as apart of the haunted house.  We will be paid $300 for participating and are donating half of that to the NKF.

                The sisters have also tried to become very involved in the fight for breast cancer this year.  On October 9, we participated in the Spa-A-Thon held at Free Style Salon in the Cranberry Mall here is Westminster.  The salon offered any of their services for free with donations, all donations going to Breast Cancer Research.  We had a great time spending the day with our moms and getting our nails and hair done!  Another event, also being held by Free Style Salon that we are participating in is the Stacy Davis Breast Cancer Foundation first annual Hair Ball.  It will be a night of fine food, dancing, and a silent auction.  Some of our girls, dressed in their best, will be volunteering their time to help with the silent auction.

     We would also like to proudly introduce the Phi Sigma Sigma New Members of Spring 2006: Jennifer Holt, Tara McKinney, Brianna Persons, Mary Kate Klocko, Nina Kompanek, Kristen Quijada, and Anna Mayr! We are looking forward to the rest of this year and all it has to offer! 

         ~Once a Phi Sigma Sigma…

            Always a Phi Sigma Sigma~

We may make past editions of the newsletter available for download.

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