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Q:  Do you haze?
A:  Absolutely not! Phi Sigma Sigma will never ask you to do anything that would cause you bodily harm or emotional distress.   Please visit to read our Anti-Hazing Policy.

Q: What are your New Member Requirements?
A:  Potential new members must be at least a 2nd semester freshman, meet campus GPA standards for recruitment, a student at McDaniel College, and not affiliated with any other social greek organization.

Q:  How long is your New Member program?
A:  From the time you are pinned as a New Member until your initiation, you will have spent 4-6 weeks learning about Phi Sigma Sigma and our sisterhood.

Q:  What will I have to do during the New Member process?
A:  Our New Member program, called "Visions & Reflections" is designed to teach our New Members about our history and our core values.   Through various activities, the chapter will work with you to prepare you for full membership to Phi Sigma Sigma.  In addition, you will also participate in regular chapter activities, such as weekly chapter meetings, fundraising, philanthropies  and sisterhoods as well as any campus-sponsord events such as Homecoming and Greek Week.

Q:  How much does it cost?
A:  New Member fees vary each semester but are generally about $400   Included in the New Member fees:  Visions & Reflections Manual, official Phi Sigma Sigma jewlery (New Member pin and Badge upon initiation), and International initiation fee and local dues.  All initiated sisters pay dues each semester that range from about $200-$400.   Payment plans are available.

Q:  Why do I have to pay to be a member?  Am I buying friends?
A:  Dues and New Member fees support the chapter's general operation (postage, bank fees, etc.) as well as chapter activities (homecoming, greek week, Saphire Balls, etc.)

Q:  Will my grades suffer?
A:  Academics are very important to our organization.  Our scholarship committee works to ensure all new members and active sisters meet certain academic standards.  All new members are required by the university to complete a number of study hours each week throughout the new membering period, ensuring ample time to concentrate on your studies. We also have our own additional required study hours each week.
Q:  Can I still have friends outside the sorority?  Can I be involved with other activities/organizations?
A:  We will never tell you who you can hang out with and we encourage involvment with other activities and organizations. 
Q:  What will I gain from joining Phi Sigma Sigma?
A: Leadership opportunities, time management skills, tremendous memories and sisters for life - just to name a few!

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